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The passion for spices goes back centuries.

High quality spices used to be traded as treasures and were hard to find. Sabor das Indias brings the world of spices to your table with rich flavors and delicious combinations.

Love and care for our customers:

we work hard to provide you with the finest products with transparency and legitimate care.

Giving back to nature:

partnership with AMPA to help endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest.

Quality control:

we follow every step of the production from farm to bottle.

Supporting family farms:

we collaborate with small producers from all around Brazil.

It begins in Brazilian pepper farms

It all starts with great ingredients.  We work hand in hand with selected suppliers from many regions of Brazil that produce the finest herbs, spices and seeds.

Every ingredient has unique properties that affect the taste, texture and color of the food.

The “Mission” of our company is to bring for our customers, selected and exclusive “Gourmet” products, based on the mixture of exotic peppers and fruits from Brazil and the world.

Our “Values” are based on respect for our customers and lead with enthusiasm and quality, products deliciously differentiated to them.

About our partnership to help endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest

We created a special line of our products to help the Amazon endangered animals, part of the profits of our Amazon product line is sent to an organization called AMPA that protects the animals in our forest.

They have amazing protection projects for mammals found around the rivers in the forest.

The entire Amazon line of products was created to showcase the exotic flavors of the forest and support the protection of endangered animals.

Worldwide distribution

You can find our gourmet products in Brazil, Paraguay, United States, Portugal, UK, Africa, Asia, Dubai, Netherlands, England and Angola.

Our product line follows a rigorous quality control to guarantee the spiciness and delicious flavor of every product.


Sabor das Índias is a proud member of the ABRINQ Foundation, a Brazilian institution that protects children in need and advocates for a safer childhood throughout the country.

Our specialty foods are FDA approved in the US and carry several certifications and labels.

Contact us if there are special requirements for your country or region.