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We provide gourmet peppers and sauces since 1994.

The “Sabor das Indias” was founded in 1994 in the interior city of the state of São Paulo, called Vinhedo – Brazil. We are pioneers in the manufacture of Gourmet products, based on peppers in Brazil, always bringing the taste of home-made food to our customers, the quality and excellence from the acquisition of the raw material to the final consumer. Our differential is the mixture of exotic peppers and fruits from Brazil and the world in our products, making them special.

Giving back to nature

Our Amazon Line was created to help endangered animals in the Amazon forest.

We have a partnership with AMPA, an organisation that protects animals in the forest. Part of the profits goes to the protection of these lovely mammals from the Amazon rainforest.

In addition, our Amazon line is composed with typical ingredients of this region, among them the Murupi pepper, the Jambu herb and the cupuacu fruit, found only in this region of the globe.

Our Amazon products are:

  • Murupi Pepper Sauce 80ml.
  • Extra Spicy Murupi Pepper Sauce 80ml.
  • Murupi Pepper with Jambu Sauce 80ml.
  • Cupuaçu with Murupi Pepper Jam 200g.

Empowering small farms

Based in Brazil, we make good use of our location to craft the most amazing flavors with local spices, peppers and ingredients.

Our peppers are cultivated with care: they are sourced from small farmers and follow a rigorous quality control.

We choose our farmers in the best parts of Brazil, we believes they are so much important to quality of our goods and needs respect.

Certifications and labels

The Sabor das Indias believes that strengthening our community, we become even stronger, for that reason, most of the raw materials used in our products originate in family farming, who through the fairtrade of the have the opportunity to offer their families better living conditions.

For this reason, we are also a partner company of the ABRINQ foundation, whose commitment is the zeal for the well-being and education of Brazilian children.

Our commitment extends to the environment, with 100% vegan products and cruelty free, in addition, we have an exclusive line of products of Amazonian origin for which, part of the profits are donated to AMPA (Association of the Friends of the Ox-Fish), which protects Amazonian aquatic mammals that are in danger of extinction, such as the manatee, otter, otter, boto, and pink boto.

Aiming at the foreign market, we are also accredited to American FDA, our facilities, products and raw materials are guided by an international standard of quality and we are constantly working on development research to bring the best product to our customers.